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The Arthur F. Dauer Memorial Sports Performance Award

The History
The Arthur F. Dauer Memorial Sports Performance Award was established in 2006 in memory of Arthur F. Dauer, 59, one of the Stanford Athletic Department's dearest friends. A longtime supporter of Stanford's varsity student- athletes, Art served on both the Stanford Athletic Board and Buck/Cardinal Club Board. He and his family also established an endowed athletic scholarship, the Art, Anne, Chris, and Lesley Dauer Scholarship, benefiting members of the men's basketball team.

The Award
The Arthur F. Dauer Memorial Sports Performance Award is administered by the director of sports performance under the direction of the director of athletics. It honors the student-athlete who not only gives the absolute best of themselves every day on and off the field of competition, but who also brings out the best in those around them through their positive attitude, relentless work ethic, and their consistent commitment to athletic performance development.

Nominations for the award and submitted by the sports performance coach for each team. Performance coaches present their case for their respective student- athlete nominees during a meeting of the entire sports performance staff. Each coach is given a ballot listing the names of all nominees. Performance coaches then rank all finalists, from their first choice to their last choice. The ballots are then tallied by the director of sports performance. In the event of a tie, the director of sports performance casts the deciding vote. The award is presented at the annual Athletic Board Awards Luncheon.

Award Recipients

2014 - James Shaw: Men's Volleyball
James Shaw James Shaw
2014 - Kiley Neushul: Women's Volleyball
Kiley Neushul Kiley Neushul
2013 - Jake Kneller: Men's Volleyball
Jake Keller Jake Keller
2013 - Sarah Hassman: Softball
Graham Brockington Sarah Hassman
2012 - Josh Owens: Men's Basketball
Josh Owens Graham Brockington
2012 - Emily Oliver: Women's Soccer
Emily Oliver Emily Oliver
2011 - Graham Brockington: Men's Golf
Graham Brockington Graham Brockington
2011 - Jennifer Yen: Women's Tennis
Jennifer Yen Jennifer Yen
2010 - Kim Hall: Women's Water Polo
Kim Hall Kim Hall
2010 - Adam Gaylord: Men's Baseball
Adam Gaylord Adam Gaylord
2009 - Taylor Grimes: Sailing
Taylor Grimes Taylor Grimes
2009 - Landry Fields: Men's Basketball
Landry Fields Landry Fields
2007 - Trevor Hooper: Football
Trevor Hooper Trevor Hooper
2006 - John Hester: Baseball
John Hester John Hester
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